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Car Hire in Madeira

Car Hire Madeira

22nd May 2020 by Phil

We are please to have partnered with one of the largest Car Hire Madeira companies in Europe to bring you the best deals in Madeira.

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Important information

It is important to remember that most car hire companies work with fully comprehensive insurance, but apply a large excess charge to keep down the cost of the insurance premium. It is only normally mentioned picking up the car, the car hire company will ask you to either pay an extra charge per day or leave a large deposit or a charge on your card equal to the value of the insurance excess/deductible. This is so they can easily charge you for the excess should there be any issues. At MadeiraOwnersDirect.Com we recommend purchasing excess car insurance cover before you travel (see below our recommended Excess Car Insurance provider. This will cover you if you are unfortunately involved in an accident. A normal excess charge for a car hire company could be over €1,000.


Who we have partnered with:

car hire madeira

Excess Car Insurance Provider


The car hire madeira contract is between the Customer and the Car Hire Company. MadeiraOwnersDirect.Com is not involved in the transaction between the customer and the car hire company.