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Attention: Landlords and Property Owners, we at Madeira Owners Direct will do all the hard work!

If you have a property already marketed with another online platform? Please send us an email with a link to your property and we will do all the handwork creating you a new free listing on Madeira Owner Direct. All we require is your approval and we will copy the description, images and listing details on your behalf.

You have nothing to lose…. except future earnings from potential customers from Madeira Owners Direct! [email protected]

All listings are FREE, so register now to list your property

Our site is completely FREE for individual owners, that means there is no setup costs and no ongoing costs. We already have a few partners that we are working with on the island but want to expand this further to ensure we cover the entire island. We want to help kick start the property market and be the go to place in Madeira (Virtually!) to buy/sell and rent properties. To confirm we do not take any commission or charge anything for listing your properties! It is FREE, no catch!

Please mention if you are a single, multiple property owner or an agency. All are accepted and we can use CSV files to load properties to get you up and running quicker.

MadeiraOwnersDirect.Com modern and feature rich property rental site has all the latest features and functionality to provide landlords and holiday makers with a easy to use platform. e.g. Properties can have linked calendars with other booking platforms (HomeAway, AirBnB etc), so no need to manually update availability, it is all automated.

Email us at [email protected] for further information.

Do you want to sell your own home?

Register now and list your home for FREE. Its that simple to sell your own home in Madeira. Take some pictures, we recommend ensuring you include the Lounge, Bedroom, Kitchen and Bathroom as a minimum. Ensure rooms are clean and tidy and the lights are on if natural light is an issue. The simple six step “Add New Listing” page guides you though the fields you should complete to get a high quality listing.

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